Nokia and Its Promising Strategy for 2010

Today was held the Nokia Capital Markets Day 2009, and the leading company in the sector of mobile telephony has taken the opportunity to tell us some details about their future, stressing that for them is just as important ‘smart phones’ market as the conventional mobile phones.

Company, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, CEO has ensured that they will lead to its Symbian operating system to a higher level interface, is a priority in the company, and it is clear that a popular clamor. The main benefit will be Symbian S60 Touch version, which will be updated in the course of the coming year.

In regards to Maemo, Nokia plans to present the sixth version of the system during the second half of 2010 and possibly a terminal that debuts it, detail which contradicts the news saying that there would be only one Maemo terminal during 2010, Nokia N900.

Nokia has listened to the readers of Xatakamovil, If you remember the survey we did in respect of the control systems for future terminals, because they agree with us, and are planning to increase the number of phones with QWERTY keyboard, also motivated by the success of the same in other companies.

The handicapped greater event is without a doubt S40, little by little it will be diluted and will be part of fewer terminals in the range Nokia, at least in the intermediate range of terminals that are bet on an operating system with more possibilities. Also as a result of the increase in smartphones in the range, which is what the market demands.

In regards he market figures, Nokia expects to sell 10% more than in the current year, and you want to maintain market share in the current 38%, based on a drop in prices on terminals.

Finally, Nokia is going to bet by developing countries, not only presenting Terminal adapted to their markets, but by making development tools to these places so that they are able to generate localized content.

It is clear that Symbian is the main operating system of the company, and that which we’ve tired of reading rumors groundless, perhaps seeking to give publicity to the N900 in the United States, and the arrival of Symbian ^ 3 the coming year will be a point apart in the situation of the company, if you are interested in knowing their improvements, have prepared a post concerning.

I also think it is very interesting to keep firmly the development of Maemo and Qt libraries, both will have much to say in the future, especially these last. As he is always appreciated the transparency and amount of information that Nokia offers in each of his presentations, both face the user as from the point of view of developers.