New Versions of the Shadow Metal X MAC

New shadows MAC Metal-X

The MAC has become one of the best known and highly regarded brands in the world of cosmetics and makeup. Each season many novelties are launched and soon become universal foibles among the lovers of the art of brushes. Foundation, Concealer, powder, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, pencils, eye shadow, mascara, false eyelashes and more make up the infinite line of creating famous brand of sweetheart, bloggers, all makeup artists and in love with make up.

The brand launched about four years ago a collection of shadows called Metal-X. The texture was creamy with very bright metallic finish. At the time, who proved the shadows of collection does not like much of the effects. Some complaints were texture, pigmentation ranging enough and it wasn’t too strong.

Thinking of reversing the situation of Metal-X, the MAC decided to reinvent the production from the shadows, seeking a good acceptance, keeping your fame in the world of makeup. This time, the shadows promise a amazing pigmentation, with intense color like the shadows. The texture is creamy and not dry as powder pigments. In the United States the MAC will release a new feature at the end of the month, already here in Brazil it arrives only in January 2012.

The nine new colors were developed for the winter 2012. The tones range from light pink to a dark brown, blue, green and camel. Intense color to your eyes is the promise of the Mac.