Nail Polish: Colors for This Summer

During the summer our Nail Polish here bright and cheerful colors in addition to the traditional tones or own the French manicure, more common in the fall or winter. For the summer season we have a wide range of nail colors to choose from as the smooth green, pink, red, yellow, fluorescent tones and degraded or with original designs, according to your taste and imagination!

Nail Polish Colors for This Summer

Use light colors for the more discreet and also a range of bolder colors, if you want to invoke a little more attention and show nails very cheerful. From hollowaywishlist, hydration is essential if you want to use a Nail Polish in bright colors. Similarly, don’t forget to finish your manicure with one or two layers of gloss to a polished finish and durable.

The best nail colors

The colors for this summer that you propose to your nail polish are the following:

– Green water:is the star of this summer nail color and cannot miss. It’s a very joyful! It reminds us of the beach and is also a color trend in many clothes, so it’s not difficult to combine. You can join it with a complement of this color as a purse and a ring or a bracelet. If you want to get a different twist can combine it with gold or silver alternating fingernails.

– White:Although a priori is a color that does not call much attention to the nail polish, is a good choice for the tanned hands and is very easy to combine with all her clothes.

– Fuchsia-pink:nail color is ideal for the more romantic and also, you know, the pastels are favorites during the summer. The pink looks really good with brown skin and Fuchsia is ideal for all skin types. Bring out your seductive side and has always been an alternative to the color red.

– Red:is one of the favorite colors and also falls very well during the day and come out at night. Tend to be more popular and for the summer we recommend the coral and orange tones for your nail polish.

– Green Tones:there are lots of fun and unique tones such as green hope and is ideal for informal occasions. It is better to use it with discretion to have nice nails. Keep your nails short and rounded so that they are not very showy.

The colors for your most unique nail enamel

– Fluorescent Tones:If you like these colors can choose colors in fluorescent yellow, green or Fuchsia. Remember that are shades that attract a lot of attention and your nails will not go unnoticed.

– A fingernail of each color:you want your nails remember a joyful Rainbow? Give a different touch to your nail polish, and similarly, it is recommended for the most daring only. Pastel combinations aren’t very flashy and tend to give good results.

– The degraded and speckled:your nails look like a work of art. If you like creativity, the options are many, and remember that for the summer is better to opt for cheerful colours and clear. In the rundown, the nail goes from one tone to another and you can find various combinations: blue with light pink, yellow with red, violet with blue … While the speckled consists of smear your nail polish randomly on a previous color.

You can choose if you want to get a textured nails more flashy. Glitter, feathers, pearls, caviar … Any material that you like, you can turn your nails into a true masterpiece.

– Metallic colors:are ideal for those summer nights. We found various shades such as gold, silver, ochre, green, red. Give a very elegant appearance and fall very well in long nails.