MyColorscreen, a Social Network Where It Is Important Your Android Desktop

Social networks There are many and each day can find one under a stone, clear than when we are with MyColorscreen the thing changes. It is a social network whose contents are the wallpaper of your users of Android, good, and iOS also, but those do not interest us here.

In this social network What issue is of share your desktop wallpaper design, with a screenshot, and that issue we have already explained it I how to get it in several articles. Share wallpapers for your Android already can do it in other web pages as InterfaceLIFT. The difference is that we must also explain how we got it, They are the ingredients and that part is which draws our attention. It becomes a center where you can admire desks with a splendid finish and thus take note of opportunities to improve our. To who dislikes having a desk in conditions? I remember that in LifeHacker is something similar but with the computer desktop wallpapers.

In addition, as all social network that is worthy of the name, and following the model of Twitter, theirs is to go adding people for those who like their proposals, intervene in the talks and upload your desktops So what people follow you, Finally, create community. I think it is a good place to learn to improve the appearance of our Android and have a good time.