Multiple Problems with IPhone OS 3.1

For a manufacturer to offer nearly continuous updates of the firmware of your phone is good news for users of these, which are receiving new features and improvements at its terminals. But what happens when these updates bring more problems than solutions?

This seems to be being the case of the iPhone OS 3.1, the latest version of the firmware of the phone from Apple, you’re doing arise complaints by hundreds of forums and Web pages. In Applesfera we have an example with the battery life, but it is not the only problem reported with this version.

Phones that are completely hung, calls that are cut, problems with Wi-Fi connections, or network signal loss are some examples that we can see in different forums. To me, for example, my is periodically iPhone without a wireless network connection, so I can not receive or make calls.

And the worst thing is that there is no way to see it on screen, since everything seems to run normal until we try to make a call. The problem is of iPhone OS 3.1, Since up to this update the phone worked without problems.

We hope that Apple be aware of all these problems and are already working on resolving them, because it is not acceptable as dysfunctional because of a simple update that, theoretically, should have improved the performance of the terminal.


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WiFi Manager for Android