Mou Goatskin Cowboy Boots Shoes

Comfortable and warm, the Mou Boots are a must have to have in your wardrobe

Of Belen Rodriguez we have read, seen and heard all. By scandals the achievements of some television broadcasts, from the end of the great love with Fabrizio Corona to the birth of the relationship with the dancerStefano De Martino from which last March had little Santiago.

And let’s face it: Who has not envied her perfect shape just weeks after giving birth?

Although it attracts many dislikes, Belén can be said of everything and more, but not that I’m not too good in jeans and tank top.

On television and on the red carpet we have seen in long dresses, sexy and provocative (who can forget the “butterfly” in Sanremo) with lots of high heels, but accomplices social networks, the beautiful Argentine shares with his admirers put all days, made ​​of simplicity and facial soap and water as they want his 28 years.

Full-time mom and career woman who divides her time between television, film and her new clothing line, Belen has a real passion for fashion. It is no coincidence if juggle busy schedules the model abandons dizzying shoes preferring the convenience of Mou Boots, luxury boots born in 2002 from an idea of Shelley Tichborne. Luxury, comfort and casual style come together in a mix that has meant that these shoes become a cult around the world, put on the feet of stars such as Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow likes and which it seems they can not do Belén not much to unknowingly become a natural testimonial.

The secret of the success of Mou Boots is contained in the fact that each model is different thanks to stitch crocheting natural wool that makes each pair unique in its kind. Evergreen, resistant to time and fashion, the Mou Boots are a must-have handy that does not sacrifice style.

And for the fashion victim and winter leave the heel 12 to put the warmth your own feet, should not miss the new collection autumn / winter 2013/2014 where the high models are renewed in versions with mink border or knit bandeau.

Who knows what new model will conquer the future Mrs. De Martino in the upcoming winter months that expects new mom…..