Motorola Shamu Is Seen Next to a LG G3, Is Very Large

There are several names, the much-talked-about in pools of manufacturers to make a new Nexus is that HTC will produce a tablet, and Motorola It would be with a phablet. Precisely from this last has been speaking enough since the beginning of the month.

The last thing we knew of it is it would be a kind of Moto – second generation – X, with a fairly large size, and as proof of this, just published a picture showing his back.

Nexus 6, X, Shamu, or as they like to call it, we see him next to a LG G3, with 5.5 inch screen and got size, and Motorola is really great. There is supposed to fit a screen of 5.92 inches -2560 x 1440 pixels-, a chipset Snapdragon 805, 3 GB RAM, 32GB of memory, and 13 and 2 megapixel cameras.

Yesterday I showed them a recreation that fits with the real image that we share today:

Would you like a big Nexus? Frankly, I would prefer an upgrade of the model that we have, in the same vein, but it won’t be me who says to bring on a new generation of Google reference terminal.