Motorola May Be Preparing a 6 Inch Phablet

Sources close to Motorola ensure through the Chinese social networking Sina Weibo to Motorola – recently purchased by Lenovo – readying the launch of a phablet with 6 inch screen.

This device will launch in the third quarter of the year and would be geared to compete with other phablets of the market and According to some analysts with a future iPhone 6 that it also bet on higher dimensions.
Personally I see very difficult that Apple will adopt the 6-inch, and this also affects the theoretical integration of Sapphire that screens they more expensive production and that they will also have to take advantage of adjusting the dimensions of this hypothetical growth of iPhone.

Either way, there were already rumors of a Motorola XPlay theorist with 6.3-inch screen, something that binds to these latest data. In particular, the rumor comes from the same source He said some details of the bike 360, already announced smart clock – but without giving details–the manufacturer just.