Motorola Droid, Relative Success of Sales

Overtook him on twitter, most industry analysts estimate that 100,000 units have been sold in the first week of the Motorola Droid, Some go even further and even targeting figures close to 400,000 units, on the other hand the operator Verizon He says were not much more than 200,000 units in stores, and that they have sold more half, so we must not give many turns to the topic.

Media have to confess which means on the other side of the pond and them here present have been heavy, Motorola has also taken steps back with one powerful advertising campaign, There is no doubt that the results are being positive, but some media are a joke next to achieved by the Apple terminal.

Criticisms come directly from Apple-themed media, such as The AppleBlog, compared to other phones like the three versions of the iPhone or the Palm Pre, which carried out a simple analysis of the first week of sales. The conclusions are easily interpretable in the table that starts the news.

Logically Motorola He sees the glass half full, they argue that it can sell 1.3 million (together with Dexter) Android phones in this latest fourth quarter and 9 million next year, some very interesting numbers, but Bloomberg handles remind us estimates of Apple, with 8 million iPhones this last quarter and 28.5 million next year, a full glass of water cold above the American company.

It seems clear to be the first handset to tell with version 2.0 of Android help to be a phenomenon media, but not a factor that condition the sale of a terminal as the Droid, I’m sure that their success in the market will have much to do with the host having the phone in Europe and other markets awaiting his release, let us not forget that for now the phone is only available in U.S..