Motorola Droid Coming to The Million, to 100 Dollars in Advertising Per Unit

Motorola y Google they must be very happy with the figures being considered on sales of the Motorola Droid, as I read in GigaOM, the phone may be close to exceed one million units sold.

Verizon and Motorola advertising campaign has been spectacular, $ 100 million has cost them the joke, and according to studies of important analysts sales stands at between 700,000 and 800,000 units, demand is high and we’re on dates enabling you to consume, which makes think that it will pass the barrier of one million in a few weeks.

The forecasts of both companies have been overcome, Motorola hoped to sell in this last quarter of year 1.5 million phones between Dext/Cliq and Droid/Milestone, taking into account this last they want to sell a million units, and has not reached other markets, they will have to update those forecasts, although it is just remember that the Motorola Dext is not having a good reception.

Making accounts see that 100 million dollars of advertising for a million phones, comes out to $100 per unit, seems a figure that frightens and complicated to pay, taking into account that the price to which the terminal is located is close to $200 with a contract of about 70 $ a month.

We can also say that it is a relatively successful start when compared with 7.4 million of iPhone that Apple has put on the market in the last quarter of fiscal year.

A good advertising campaign can do miracles, but we also have to take into account that all the specialized media have valued the unit, we hope to have it soon among us.