Moto X 64 GB Is about, Motorola Confirms This without Wanting to

The release of Moto X was one of the most anticipated last year, and despite his veteran status this device keeps your interest for many users. However the absence of slot microSD limited options for certain users with broader in a matter of storage space needs.

Now Motorola seems to have fixed that problem with the rather than imminent emergence of a 64 GB version capacity that will be added to the previous (16 and 32 GB) and that has appeared in the source code of this manufacturer’s web site.

On the Motorcycle Maker website, service customization of Motorola for these devices, has appeared that option which is an increase of $100 off the price of the model base which offers 16 GB of storage capacity.

The option that it appears in the source code still remains hidden in the “visible” part of the service, so It seems that everything is ready for the imminent release of this new version of Moto X that, Yes, curiously could be relegated to a second level if as everything seems Motorola launches also the Moto x + 1 in the coming weeks.