Moto G4 Play, Analysis: You Can Not Ask Much More for as Little

Lenovo introduced, for family Moto G, three terminals this year, being the most powerful motorcycle G4 Plus, the medium Moto G4 and the most humble the Moto G4 Play. And it will be the latter the protagonist in this article, the smallest of the family in the specifications and, of course, in terms of size.

Moto G4 Play has a number of very interesting points, such as the removable battery or more hardware that (basically everyone is tested it will serve for the day to day, although it is quite far from the perfection it). However, we invite you to keep reading and make your own conclusions about the youngest of the family Moto G4.

We know that you like to start the in-depth analysis, strong so we could not pass up the opportunity of teach this new Moto G4 Play video. It is the best way to appreciate the device at all angles and in operation, so here you have it:

Moto G4 Play, video analysis

Specifications more than sufficient for many people every day

Moto G4 Play is a terminal that, in general, is quite balanced, although We miss a couple of things that are already practically a standard. If we ignore these absences, you will see that it is a mobile phone that is not easy to get hit if you’re an average user, who wants a mobile phone for fair things in every day.

Moto G4 Play, specifications
Physical dimensions 144,4 x 72 x 9.9 mm137 gr.
Screen 5 inch
Resolution 1280 x 720 pixels, 294 ppp
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 410Quad-core 1.4 GHz
Graphics processor Adreno 306
Memory 16 GB + microSD up to 128 GB
Version Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Connectivity LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g / / GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS support4.1 Bluetooth A2DPFM radio
Cameras Rear: 8 MP with autofocus, LED flash, 720 p video and HDRFront: 5 MP
Battery Removable Li-ion battery, 2800 mAh, battery
Access to Google Play Yes, series
Starting price €166,91

The first feature that we will mention is your processor, the widely used Snapdragon 410, a 1.4 GHz Quad-core. Many will probably find that it coincides with the processor of the G bike from last year, but the choice can be understood by taking into account that it has amply demonstrated that it works well.

To accompany this processor we have a sufficient 2 GB RAM, the same as his middle brother, Moto G4 exactmante. In terms of storage, have with 16 GB that, if we want, we can expand with up to 128 GB microSD cards. Having enough storage and that it can expand is something that many will appreciate.

Compared to his brothers in the family Moto G, its display low 5.5 inches to the 5 inch and is left with a HD resolution that you feel well in this screen size. The technology responsible for giving life to This screen is IPS, that you will discuss later.

In the connectivity section we find ourselves with the absence of NFC, that while there included could be to make it more complete, it is also true that not everyone gives you use. Also dispenses this terminal fingerprint sensor, but in return has things such as LTE, 4.1 Bluetooth, GPS with GLONASS and to FM radio.

In this terminal we take less so the NFC as a fingerprint sensor, but if we look at that its official price is € 169, these absences are not so annoying. In return we have things such as LTE and FM radio.

In the section of the camera we find a rear of 8 MP with LED flash of power more than enough, Aperture f/2.2 and the capacity of record video at 720 p. On the front we have a Chamber of 5 MP, also with Aperture f/2.2 and without flash to illuminate our selfies.

In terms of autonomy, we have a 2800 mAh battery, one quantity of more than sufficient for the screen size and resolution, with Marshmallow. A particularly positive point is that you can remove the battery to replace it with another at any time.

It is not a terminal that stands out in terms of specifications, your processor is not exactly last batch and we noticed the absence of footprints and NFC sensor, but on the other hand many well be having an FM radio and a removable battery that in itself already has a really decent amperage.

A design made for the comfort of the user rather than to be colorful

When you take a Moto G4 Play box, you don’t have a terminal that stands out at first sight, It has a lot of the personality of the family Moto G terminals, even some previous generations. The back is made of plastic with a somewhat rubbery feel and rugged, is also of good quality.

Lenovo has released the most for this material, making it possible to remove the cover (time in which is seen to be a good quality plastic) for both access the microSIM and as a microSD card slots the battery, which you can remove. But let’s take a look a little more in depth.

In the front to see its 5 inch screen surrounded by a rather normal side frames, but a few top and bottom frames that could have been a little more worked to reduce its size. Above the screen we see sensors, the speaker calls and camera. No trace of a notification LED.

In the back, somewhat rough and rubbery plastic, see your camera with LED flash, a little further down the logo of slightly sunken bike (those who have had a bike in the hands I understand) and a microphone for cancellation of noise near the upper left corner.

It is not a remarkable terminal at the visual level, but it’s a terminal very comfortable in the hand and pocket. LED notifications we miss at certain times.

At the top we find with the 3.5 mm Mini-Jack. At the bottom you will see the microUSB connector accompanied by the tab so go for the nail and can remove the back cover. The right edge houses both the power button on the top half and the volume, located near the Center. The left edge, on the other hand, is completely clean.

The buttons are well implemented, with a proper tour and fair hardness. We also find that the power button has a different texture not to confuse. It is possible that you have noticed that I have not made mention of a speaker apart from the calls, and is that that same speaker is worth to play our music and other sounds, there is no other.

In short, is not a terminal that when opening the box you are eyes of the beautiful that is, and even that seems intended to Lenovo. It is of a smartphone for practical people, that you want something comfortable to carry and hold. We have an additional advantage to remove the back cover to remove the battery if we wish.

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A sufficient, good screen for the price of the terminal

This Moto G4 Play brings a display of 5-inch HD resolution. 5 inches is a size in which both a screen HD and FullHD fit well, and taking into account the price of the terminal, no one complains that it is using 720 p resolution. The pixel density is of 294 ppp and its technology is IPS.

There is no complaint about the viewing angles of the terminal, which are quite good, as well as the maximum brightness, which It allows us to see almost trouble-free content under the sunlight. In summary, during the day you shouldn’t have problems to view content, even in the middle of the street (although in this case must please shine the most almost always).

The touch screen works without problems, is very mild and responds well to our highlights, with a pretty decent speed. With regard to the functioning of the display when we play it, we will not find problems, and it also has the precision expected of a terminal of the 2016 of a reputed brand.

A typical performance of the motorcycle brand and autonomy above the average

We start to review your most important specifications. We have a processor Snapdragon 410, a Quad-Core 1.4 GHz and 2 GB of RAM. If we take into account the price, that runs on pure Android (with very little of the manufacturer) and its specifications, in the day to day should not have too much lag.

There is no way to complain about the performance of this terminal, It may not be as fast as the high-end when carrying out tasks, but by less than €170 have a quite good performance, either for the most basic applications of our day to day as much Google Play games.

The only moments that will have noticed the limitations of the hardware has been on websites with great multimedia content and those demanding in its configuration in the highest quality game (which allowed it). In your day to day you won’t find practically performance problems.

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In terms of autonomy, within the terminal we have one 2800 mAh battery that, if we take into account the screen size and resolution with your processor, now you can guess that it won’t be just loose in autonomy. The amperage of itself is already pretty decent considering the price of this terminal range.

During the week we have been able to spend with Moto G4 Play, have come to have a duration of about a day and a half using typical applications from day to day (chat, email, about 45 minutes of navigation, etc) and an hour of games of different types.

At the end of the day we had about 45% of battery, which could deal with part of the next day without having to go through the plug. Thanks to a pretty clean software and Marshmallow Doze mode, the terminal resting spends really little, although, as always, will depend on the use that gives each.

With this in mind, it is not uncommon to reach 4 hours of screen before putting it to charge if you want to reach almost a day and a half of duration. In the event that you want to charge it every night, very easily pass the 5 and a half hours of use as you have described more above, although it depends on the use that finish you giving could eventually exceed these figures.

Benchmarks Moto G4 Play(Snapdragon 410)
3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited: 4.479
Geekbench 4 Single-Core: 523 pointsMulti-Core: 1.337 points
AnTuTu 28.545 points
EPIC Citadel Ultra High Quality: 32.7 FPS
Vellamo Chrome Browser: 2.172 pointsMetal:998 pointsMulticore: 1,249 points
Quadrant 13.576 points

A decent camera for its price, but sometimes has trouble focusing well

Let’s move into the realm of photographs, where this Moto G4 Play has a hardware which, on paper, would be within the range of input. It has a back 8 MP camera with Aperture f/2.2, autofocus and LED flash, while we find a sensor on the front of 5 MP with Aperture f/2.2.

Lenovo has not neglected the photographic aspect despite such modest specifications on paper, and is that photos during the day are good quality for a range low, outpacing many of its rivals to humble specifications. It is a camera that shoots very quickly in good light conditions and, moreover, offers a dynamic range more than decent.

Regarding the photos quite nearby objects to happens that If the object is small in relation to the scene, find it difficult to focus, but once achieved the quality is very good. If the object occupies a good portion of the picture, this problem will not exist. In summary, during the day the camera will meet more than for average users.

At night, like everyone else, the camera starts to idle pretty, but that is something common in all mobile. I would say that the quality of the night photos are above the average. Tends to get more noise than we would like, but it is that we must not forget that it is a low range with a sensor with opening f/2.2.

At the time that you want to use the LED flash, illuminated parts begin to win fairly in detail thanks to the power of the same, even if the object is near because you could burn the image and ruin it almost completely on (something that happens to everyone).

The camera interface is really simple, using movements from one edge to another to deploy certain types of options, or see the photos taken. If you drag up or down, you can go configuring the zoom of the image. You will have the most essential when it comes to taking photographs always by hand, without having to access various menus before you get what you want.

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Pure Android almost without additives

We came to a section in which almost all guess will be like. We talk about a terminal of the motorcycle family, i.e. bringing pure Android, no layer of customization that ande clogging and with very few additions in the form of applications. In fact, the only application of the manufacturer is Moto, which many already know, so I will not expand.

Only recapitulate what we all know, this terminal comes with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, pure like water from a spring, clean as the slaps giving by Chuck Norris. There is a small clock widget, simple and minimalist, I have to confess that I liked very much, but I think that it was Motorola specific (you will see it in one of the screenshots below).

Of the 16 GB of storage that brings the terminal, is slightly less than 11 GB free to install our applications and save your data, a figure normal taking into account that the system occupies 4.92 GB. But if the internal storage is us short, we can count with extend memory with up to 128 GB microSD cards.

The security which brings installed patch is July, which tells us that the Lords of Motorola have to work a little here. With all this in mind, it is obvious that the interface movement is very fluid, without delays, in short, is pure Android.

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Moto G4 Play, Xataka Android view

Before we judge this phone must bear in mind that its price is below the € 170, which in itself can give some justification to the absence of NFC and fingerprint sensor. This terminal is clearly aimed at those users who do not seek the best of the best, but who want something reliable in most functions.

Is it worth the Moto G4 Play above the Moto G4? The difference between the two lies in the processor, screen, rear camera, battery and dimensions. They are terminals for different audiences, Moto G4 for those who want big screens and the Moto G4 Play for those looking for the comfort of handling, although this entail a reduction of the specifications.

Probably several Chinese brands can offer better specifications for the same price, but we have to take into account details such as pure Android and a design which has the clear identity of Motorola/Lenovo, not to speak of the compatibility of the LTE in Spain. In general it is a mobile phone that is worth if you’re not a too-demanding user.

The best of this terminal is a whole: it is not ugly, it is quite comfortable, it has removable battery, good quality, pure Android plastic and a decent camera. Perhaps the worst are small details as the non-inclusion of another speaker and thus not have to use the calls play all the sounds. With all this in mind, here are our ratings.

In favour

  • It is a convenient terminal for every day
  • Good specifications for your price
  • Autonomy above the average
  • Removable rear cover (good quality, also) to remove the battery


  • The non-inclusion of another speaker to not rely on the caller only
  • Top and bottom frames something grown more


The phone has been granted for tests by Motorola Spain. You can consult our policy of relations with companies