Moto G Cinema, Another Variant of The Moto G or a New Software?

The Motorola website it is hot lately. It has not only confirmed the existence of the Moto x + 1, but it also now @evleaks has published a new screenshot with a possible new variant of their current phones: Moto G Cinema. That is, at least, what speculate many media from the filtered image. We would be talking of a Moto G larger screen? A more powerful camera? So far nothing is known absolutely.

“You have the device. We have the tools to help. Practical guide, photos, online help and much more”. This description, however, I dare say everything points more towards a possible new service or application-specific. Capture, also belongs to a section of “Support” and not a section of their store. By previous experiences (example: Moto G Forte ended being a simple pack with cover) should take all this information with caution, since Motorola has not said anything officially in this regard.

The next Tuesday, May 13 is planned to be held an event, to which we will assist, in which expected that the rumored Moto E. unveils is the date chosen also to talk about what you want to be the aforementioned bike G Cinema? Everything seems to indicate that the coming week could leave doubts.