More Investment from Vodafone and Orange to Extend Broadband Mobile

Mobile operators are continuously investing in their networks to improve service but flame especially the two attention news published today Vodafone y Orange committing to millionaires efforts to improve the mobile broadband.

On the one hand, Vodafone was awarded through competition in February 2008 a project of the Junta de Andalucía that sought to “universal” broadband access 770 Andalusian municipalities and today the President of Vodafone Spain It has become known that investment in this area amounted to EUR 50 million for the deployment of mobile broadband network.

Investor commitment that Vodafone has in the Andalusian region amounts to 150 million euros a year by what 50 million (of which 13.5 million from European funds and 2.5 of the Board) have been assigned to areas where these initiatives that are not so subject to profitability.

Orange on the other hand is also interested in improving access to services (3G) mobile broadband and fixed (ADSL) for what it has obtained a new 200 million loan that add to the $ 300 million he received last summer and thus be able to extend and modernize their networks during 2010 in the whole.

Investments that promote competition in the telecommunications sector and that no doubt will impact on better service users we do not know if, in the not-too-distant future, they will have a Double intention as a condition For more frequencies to the refarming or as already warned to curb investments if they apply additional fees by eliminating you advertising in TVE.