Mood Pictures from the Danish iPhone 5-Celebrations

GALLERY: see pictures from the stores, which has just closed the pending iPhone fans into.

iPhone 5 has just become available in the Danish telecommunications stores after the starting gun for the sale went the Bell 00.01 overnight to Friday.

It’s got several thousand Danes all over the country to stand in the queue in front of a number of telecommunications stores, as a true had chosen to keep the evening opening during the launch of the iPhone 5.

Our site has assembled a few atmospheric images, which we have been sent regularly through the day, evening and night.

Telecommunications companies featured a number of fun and cozy Entertainment actions. There was everything from free popcorn, pizza slices, coffee, ponchos, umbrellas and much more to the waiting people

The biggest surprise was probably in front of our site’s shop on Strøget-here showed Shaka Loveless, among other things up, as part of a flash mob.

Our site would like to thank all of you users who have been diligent to submit pictures. We haven’t got used all but most are used in tonight’s stories.