MIUI Weather: a Widget for The Time with Much Style

Many ROMs that possibly exist for Android MIUI have one of the interfaces more attractive and eye-catching. There are a good number of developers working behind this project and it is no wonder that their versions of Android are so popular because in addition to beautiful work very well.

However today are not going to talk about the ROMS if not that we’re going to focus on a specific application of this team of developers. MIUI has released a beta of MIUI Weather, a weather widget for really nice coming to make the competition a Fancy Widget, Beautiful Widget and company.

Apparently, as you can see in the screenshots, keeps many of the aesthetic MIUI keys: a clean interface and a very careful design in the icons. The truth is that they have worked very well this aspect, just about any image or icon, the work is superb.

MIUI Weather comes in two sizes. On the one hand a widget 4 x 1 with the information of the time, by another one of 4 x 2 that displays the time with a style similar to that of HTC Sense and the LG Optimus plus, of course, the time.

However MIUI Weather you have one big enough catch: at the moment only shows the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. This is not a problem for those who live in countries where they used this system of drives, but in the case of Spain, it is a little cumbersome.

At the moment the application is not available in the Android Market and to be able to install a bit of mana need. We will explain step by step How to install MIUI Weather in our device. First of all I would like to clarify that this little guide is for users with root:

  • Descargarmos the corresponding .apk file. If we live in Spain take in Europe, if we live in the United States will have to choose depending on the State in which we residamos.
  • Download and install ES Explorer.
  • Copy the .apk MIUI Weather at the root of the SD card.
  • ES Explorer open, go to settings, look for root options and activate the two options.
  • In ES Explorer seeking the apk in the SD, let down your finger on the button and select copy or cut.
  • In the top menu of Explorer is change the SD to the memory of the phone and go to the following folder /system/app.
  • On the tab that is down in ES Explorer (if does not come out is that we haven’t copied the .apk well), click it, and click on MIUI Weather.
  • Ready, already copied the application is.

From here we load like any other widget. At the moment the GPS option does not work well so best to deactivate it and add our city manually.

If you want to install MIUI Weather without root you can take a look at the official thread of the application on the XDA Developers Forum. Anyway, in views that the application is not yet in the market and has no degrees Celsius, I recommend that you expect to get a final version.

If instead you love testing and tinkering I recommend that you try to install it, not only to enjoy the application if not also to learn to do new things with your Android.