Microsoft Sold 18 Million Licenses Windows Mobile

In forecasts that Microsoft He presented not many months ago, the American company made it clear that any terminal in particular would hinder its growth in the market, it is more Microsoft wants to get 40% of the market in 2012.

Now has come the time to compare actuals with estimates that they themselves published, since Redmond announced that they they thought getting to sell 20 million licenses of its operating system for mobile devices Windows Mobile before June 2008.

During the year 2007, Microsoft It got put on the market 11 million licenses of its famous system in different terminals markings, and in regards to this year been two million marked goal.

Anyway, the results are more than positive, with 18 million licenses sold in the last 12 months, Microsoft It has implemented its mobile platform considerably, despite failing to reach their own goals and objectives.

Microsoft It has been reported that their estimates were taking into account that some terminals of main importance for the popularity of the operating system, have not appeared as soon as it looked like it was going to happen, which would have given a last push sales to be closer to their estimates. An excuse without argument, taking into account that they dared not to realize that company or terminals were involved.

A clear example of the good health of the system, is the number of applications for Windows Mobile in the market, amounting to the amount of 18000 programs of all kinds, an important factor in the struggle for a more complete system thanks to the flexibility of the application distribution, compared to the restrictive of other environments.

From another point of view, we could say that Microsoft It is losing the battle for clients seeking attractive user interfaces and more innovative designs, while companies such as HTC o Samsung they are making an effort to give a better look to the operating system, do not reach the levels of the iPhone.

Another competitor that also drink much of the business market which also enjoys good health is BlackBerry, presenting complete and effective solutions in terminals dedicated and optimized for these tasks, but with the intention of opening the market to more general customers.

Microsoft It has almost ready its next mobile platform, Windows Mobile 7, Perhaps it is the version most expected from the Windows Mobile appeared on the market, from Redmond promise that you rejuvenate your operating system and make more accessible and simple use, seeking to find a point closest to what much of the public is looking for.

Without a doubt, regardless of that to get a good system, which is rumored to even appear in a phone of Microsoft, its placing on the market will motivate increased sales within the next year.