Microsoft Employees Hide Their IPhones

It is hard not to think that employees of a company of the characteristics of Microsoft like new technologies, but it is difficult to assimilate to the leaders that one of the favorite toys is the iPhone Apple.

The success of Apple’s device has no limits, and is that few can ignore its possibilities, but is a reality that has also done enough damage to Windows Mobile, so Microsoft considers its use as an unfair act. Steve Ballmer has made it clear with an example: if my father worked at Ford, we were driving Ford.

Entering rumors, says that last year took place at Microsoft a somewhat violent episode between Steve Ballmer and an employee who took photos with an iPhone, but without wanting to give more importance to this, is a reality that last year they had almost 10,000 accesses from different phones iPhone to Microsoft’s corporate mail.

By little who likes executives, it is easy to see employees for facilities, cafés with iPhones, one not hiding is J Allard, involved in the creation of the Xbox consoles. Nor does it Eugene Lin, a well-known engineer of the firm who in his spare time likes to develop iPhone applications.

Anyway I think that it is a somewhat complicated situation control, taking into account that since the own Microsoft have developed several applications for iPhone, and which is necessary to be in contact with the competitive product to improve yours. Nor can put a global measure in this regard, since They also develop versions of its software for Mac.

Measures so that users using Windows Mobile phones sound already since the beginning of 2009, so they decided to not pay telephone services of employees not using operating system.

On the other side of the street technology have the employees of Apple, we’ll hardly see with a phone that is not an iPhone, as we can guess and we reported in the original article. It would be nice that they cast an eye on Android handsets, but certainly reasons have to not change.

In the latest market studies relating to United States, the iPhone had a share of the 25.1% versus 15.7% of Windows Mobile, and it seems that in Redmond are noticing.

We hope that Windows Phone 7 Series again draw the attention of employees. And it is that it must be quite uncomfortable that they are calling you on the phone and not answer because you can see Steve Ballmer with a bit suitable phone.