Men’s Bracelets: Tips on How to Choose the Right Bracelet!

The men’s bracelets come becoming increasingly required item of the male Cabinet. But how to choose the ideal strap according to your style? Check out our tips!

If you are a fan of men’s bracelets, but when you choose is in doubt what will be the best choice? The Uber47 is here to help you!

We highlight 5 profiles of Men:

1.  Bold Man:

If you are the type who likes to innovate, which mixes shirt emblazoned with skinny trousers and stylish leather wear sneakers, you certainly have to feel bold. Be bold is also taking care of the visual, always be tidy and your hair sculpted beard. You’ll love the brown leather Straps with Ring and black leather bracelet with X.

2.  Cool Man

If your day to day uniform is a torn Jeans and stonada along with printed t-shirt and sneakers cool welcome to this group! Our suggestions are jelly bracelets (Braided leather bracelet Brown and Caramel) and with different materials such as leather and rubber (rubber bracelet 2 laps).

3.  Basic Man

If in your closet’s only polo shirt and jeans, you really are basic and will enjoy the timeless line of Uber47, prefer the thin Leather straps (Leather Bracelet black square) and the Straight Steel Bracelet, discrete pieces with a touch of charm.

4.  Classic Man

For who is classic and still have a resistance regarding the use of accessories, don’t worry! You can use your shirt with jeans and blazer to a silver bracelet will only bring a special touch on your production. Don’t be afraid, give it a shot! Prefer traditional models such as the Silver Link Bracelet Padlock or Silver bracelet Grumet 3 × 1 which has black rhodium plating.

5.  Rustic Man

Now … If you are rustic, don’t worry so much about the clothes you’re wearing and prefers the “rice and beans” t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops, you sure will enjoy basic bracelets with a rustic touch as the Bracelets of Fine Brown Leather and Black and wine.

I’ve enjoyed all of our suggestions here? Then visit our site and see the complete line of men’s bracelets: by clicking here!