MagicLocker, Customize Your (Updated) Android Lock Screen

We continue with the options of our Android customization, resumed a few days ago with AWDLauncher EX from among the wide range of launchers, and later with the customization of the system sounds using them will bring Ice Cream Sandwich.

This time we are going to play one of the options that we consult more daily: lock screen. Among all applications for this purpose found in the Marter we are going to deal with the application MagicLocker, provided with good possibilities, so do not miss the opportunity because you will probably.

MagicLocker is a selector of lock screen the advantage is that you isn’t anchored to just a style, if not that allows you to load other topics, and each topic can have its own different activators. To install it you have to cheat the system into believing that it is a launcher, but don’t worry because that’s part of the installation and are explained (in English). I leave you a summary of the steps:

  • Once installed you will have to activate it as if it were a launcher, for which you will have to delete the launcher of system data, or which had enabled.
  • Done it will warn you that you must set MagicLocker as your launcher by default.
  • Once activated you will again ask what launcher want to have default and already you can choose which you had before.

By default already brings you a theme quite likeable and attractive)4), where you will see that at the time of the action of unblocking will offer 3 options)5). Best of all is that these options may vary between those that you choose)6), although this also depends on the theme you have activated.

Thanks to this application you can get more out of your mobile from own lock screen. This possibility already manufacturers include it as HTC with its Sense layer, but now it will not be any problem if you don’t have a terminal from this manufacturer, since with MagicLocker you can install Sense lock screen.

Not there just the thing, since there are several issues more to install and another one of them is the same that will bring Ice Cream Sandwich, including also your desktop background and typography. As curiosity also You can install the theme of iOS to faithfully reproduce your lock screen.

It is welcome that with MagicLocker you can configure background different from the desktop lock screen, or leave it. So add an extra degree of customization. From the application settings menu you can activate it whenever you want, and even choose the launcher system default)7). Best of all is that the application is completely free and the themes that you have also commented)8), so I have no excuse to start enjoying it already.

UPDATE: just update the application and already fixed the bug that made it impossible to control the volume with the activated lock screen. Also the typical sound of the lock screen was lost and also have solved it. The response has been quite rapid and effective.

MagicLocker Version 1.2.3

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer:
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free
  • Category: Customization