Louis Vuitton Bags: Fake Check – Original Or Fake?

In this Louis Vuitton bags fake check we take a look at the special features of the popular bags, so that you as safe as possible can different from offered fakes.

Detect fake bags Louis Vuitton

Even if some counterfeits are often very faithfully imitated the original there is somewhere slightly different and precisely they should recognize her.

Louis Vuitton real or fake? -The notes at a glance

The price
Because Louis Vuitton handbag is known as luxury items created by hand with great attention to detail, a particularly favourable price should enable a direct warning mood. Even used bags are very value stable and have your price. Just when online offerings, you should make a small background check before.

You should ask itself the following questions:

  • The online shop has a neat imprint? General terms and conditions and a correct spelling? (In the luxury sector, high value is placed on perfection!)
  • Does the shop / seller many positive reviews, reviews or testimonials of fashion bloggers?
  • The price in comparison with other shops is felt “too good to be true”?

The Interior smell
This test is is super simple, but a very strong indication of a fake bag. Open the bag and smells into into it, should be never a plastic-like, chemical (for cement) to smell. Original bags are sewn by hand and do not stick together!

The seams
The seams are very accurate and regularly pulled, one discovers keinerleih node or fraying. They have mostly a light course per single stitch from the left down right up. The seam is often completely straightforward with fake bags.

The metallic applications are never covered in original bags with small films to protect shipping. Blue or transparent plastic film to prevent scratches are a no go. To order an original bag, this is delivered in a very high-quality cardboard. When opening the bag is safely stowed in a cream-colored DrawString with the Louis Vuitton logo on it. It is only the bag and no filler material like paper or similar.

Those who are interested in the original LV bags should go directly into the boutique.

Thank you to all who contribute bag lovers before sad disappointments to preserve and share this article with your good friends.