Lingerie For Pregnant Women

Come on you pregnancy lingerie is not the most beautiful thing in this world… especially high panties… all very dull…

I read many things on the internet, showing the importance of the use of specific pieces to this new phase. Since the body very much and these lingeries help in support, comfort, sagging….

As I’m somewhat suspicious, I didn’t think it was going to make a lot of difference… until I started to use!

Since my belly began to appear more I left in search of makes and models.

I found that in my town there is almost nothing… I called in several shops and many heard the same thing: “we have no panties of pregnant women, but there are some templates that you can use.”

Honestly, I don’t want to give it to use, I want maternity underwear (for more embarrassed that they are).

The other few remaining stores, or had no color, or had no number, or at the end, there was nothing…. lost my time.

So, I decided to invest and I went to Campinas.

I found a store-Maçazinha-Mother and baby (tel: 19-3295 2631)-I called there, I liked the service and decided to meet.

The sales lady, very friendly and explained to me a lot and stressed the importance of using specific lingerie. Besides, you can prove everything.

I bought panties for pregnant women.


I love those panties. They are super comfortable and very high (which is important, since if they are low, the belly will grow and the panties have a tendency to get downloading … Imagine you have to keep pulling her panties up. A horror!)

They made a difference as to the weight of the belly. So much so that I can’t use the other.

I bought a model a different landing from Liz too. Is the high panties, but she’s a can to keep them alive. For me, it is great to wear with dresses. I’ve always had thick leg and are now thicker still, which means that they are shaving.

The bermuda is well compridinha, so I have to give a little pull to not appear. But you’re approved!!

I also bought some panties, but for pregnant women. They have a reinforced waistband. For use with certain clothes, they are good, because you feel the difference of them for normal underwear in terms of support, but not if bought with the high.

Well, actually, I went to Campinas in that specific store because they sell lingerie from a brand called Morisco. Searching the internet, I found out that mark and fell in love.
Maternity bras and panties, with anti-allergic income! Some thanks!

When I called the store, the salesman told me that several of them were out of line and they were low on numbering option.

And in the end, what I liked didn’t have number and what had not surpassed the number of Liz that I bought.

But they are beautiful… Who can find! (I sent an email through the website of Morisco, asking where he could find in the cities that I have more access and they responded on the same day!)

On the Bras, I bought in my town. For a change, was Liz’s… One of it’s kind a top… very comfortable!

Are not breastfeeding Bras, ok! Are the support … Has the thicker strap, laces tight and get well-shaped breasts.

Are also approved.

The prices are well altinhos taking into account the beauty (average cost $30 panties and bras R$45) and vary from one store to another. I have the impression of having seen on Hello Baby this weekend the panties of the Liz I bought, and it was about $10 more expensive…. But I didn’t look to see if it was exactly the same model.

So, you don’t need to go out and buy a lot of panties and bras. Buy the minimum necessary, wash every day after use, so you’ll always have a clean one to use until the end of the pregnancy. Because then I doubt you want to continue with them (at least I will use the time needed, nothing more!)

I think it’s worth the sacrifice, after all, we’re going to be mothers, dedicate our lives to our babies, but we can’t neglect ourselves!