Lighting Tips For Creating a Comfortable Room

If there is an area of your house where the most important thing should be comfort, it is the room. Here, the lights should be in sync with the furniture and architecture to ensure that, you look for relax or maximize your productivity, the environment is adequate. Then you share some tips so that you can try the combinations that best suit your room.

It is always a good idea to have a good general lighting, especially for activities in which it is not so necessary to fix the vista. An excellent for an afternoon family idea is a lamp suspended near where the seats, taking care that it does not cause too many shadows are.

Here are the lighting ideas from LightingHowto for your inspiration.


To create a relaxed and avoid tensions, projecting lights on walls or the ceiling is a good choice. If you have a center of entertainment or bookseller that don’t reach the ceiling, take advantage of that space or the upper part of the borders to place LED strips, for example.


Near reading chairs or tables where you can sit down to work, it is important to have an adequate light source. Use adjustable lights or flying buttresses that you turn them on when you need to concentrate.


For light layers are essential to give your room depth and different textures. It uses a rail of directional lamps to bathe a wall where you have pictures or photographs and give a new sense of dimension to your space.