Lenovo Could Buy Palm

Since the collapse of Palm years ago, both in sales and in prestige, seems as if a tag balance pendiera permanently from it. First it was Apple and now it seems that rumors pointing towards Lenovo as a potential buyer of the American company After the last collapse of its stock price, largely because of the poor results obtained in sales, located far below its initial forecasts.

Which makes the company’s Sunnyvale a tasty candy for multinationals with claim to sink his tooth to the mobile market, as it is the case of Lenovo. Good example of this is the close marketing in their country of origin, his first as the LePhone Android-equipped device.

As often happens in these cases, both Palm as Lenovo does not have spoken officially on the issue, although the matter has been the interesting enough as for the famed American channel on economic issues CNBC has done topic. Which, on the other hand, a caused a temporary rise in the price of the shares American manufacturer.

But the only actions that really interest us are those that have to do directly with the future of the cornerstone of what today is Palm, the system operating webOS. Since one of the possible outputs raised by Jon Rubinstein for the current chaotic situation facing Palm is the of offer licensing of its operating system for its implementation on terminals of other manufacturers.

Lenovo make Act of presence in the market of smartphones through the acquisition of the company that supports the investor group Elevation Partners, It is not known until the Chinese company would be interested in using webOS or simply take advantage of the experience gained by Palm in the field of mobile telephony.