LED Rope Light

LED Rope Light, Rope-Desired Length & Sold By The Meter

A LED light tube is the modern variant of the previous normal light tube. A modern light tube has very many advantages compared to its predecessor with a normal light bulb. The consumption an LED light schlauches mostly around 80-90% under a normal light tube with light bulbs. Our model of Kanlux® consumes only 2.5 watts per meter rope light. Per metre are built to a uniform illumination to reach 36 LEDs.

Another advantage of LEDs over incandescent lamps is the very long life which up to 50,000 hours with LEDs. Conventional incandescent lamps have usually a lifetime of approx. 3000-5000 hours. The light tube model GIVRO which brand Kanlux® with 36 LEDs per meter is shortened and can be cut after 1 m or cut off.

The LED rope light works with 230V and fed therefore directly to the cable by a household 230V outlet. The GIVRO LED light tube as the metre or desired length to get or on rolls of 50 m in one piece.The maximum length with a cable is 50 meters. 

Is A LED Light Tube Dimmable?

According to the producer Kanlux®, the LED light tube from the model GIVRO is not dimmable.We have however successfully tested with our touch LED dimmer of the company TEM® the hose and found that the LED rope light dimmer of the company TEM® wonderfully Dim can be with the touch LED. This special LED can dimmer the following link seen and purchased. Due to the possibility of dimming the economical LED rope light is living – and bedroom and often used.He is here mostly for indirect lighting used or installed in suspended ceilings.

Can The LED Light Tube Be Used Outside? In The Outdoor And Indoor Area?

The GIVRO light hose of the brand Kanlux® is optimally suitable for indoor use. It can be due to the protection class IP44 also in outdoor areas used or installed. The rope against splash water is protected by the protection class IP 44. Please take exact requirements or information on the installation in the outdoor enclosed operation and installation instructions.

LED Rope Light Properly Cut & Trim

If you want to shorten the light tube must observe the enclosed operation and installation instructions here. There, it is specified whether the LED rope light in General can be shortened at what intervals, this is possible. With our light hose of the brand Kanlux® model GIVRO the reduction is possible after 1 meter at the marked points (scissor icon on the LED light tube). By this way, the light tube can be adapted to the individual needs and circumstances. The important thing is that the shortened part is again sufficiently sealed to prevent debris and moisture penetration. There are sufficient accessories such as a cable connection sets, end caps, heat shrink tubing and connectors. If you cut himself with the unfamiliar should make this a professional leave.

The LED light tube is available at zephyrledlights.com from 1 m to 50 m in one piece. Following custom / length (meters) are doing possible: 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, 13m, 14m, 15m, 16m, 17m, 18m, 19m, 20m, 21m, 22m, 23m, 24m, 25m, 26 m, 27 m, 28 m, 29 m, 30 m, 31 m, 32 m, 33 m, 34 m, 35 m, 36 m, 37 m, 38 m, 39 m, 40 m, 41 m, 42 m, 43 m, 44 m, 45 m, 46 m, 47 m, 48 m, 49 m, 50 m. The cable incl. plug 230V has a length of about 1 meter. The protection class of the LED lights schlauches is IP44.

In Which Colours Is The LED Light Rope Available?

The GIVRO is in the colours light tube with economical LEDs warm white, white, red, yellow, green and blue available. The tube itself is always transparent with only the LEDs in the corresponding colour. Very strong and rich colors are achieved. Many other cheap models the LED rope light itself is colored and the LEDs in the colour white. Achieved mostly not really rich colors and color of the light tube may change during the time due to fading of the material.These problems are build LED light tube at the GVIRO through the bypassed according to colored LEDs. If you are looking for a high-quality rope with long service life, we have the right product at a fair price.