La Sportiva Anaconda Trail Running Shoes in the Test

The Anaconda La Sportiva is a completely newly designed Trail running shoes which can be used according to the manufacturer, ideal for runs on soft, wet and muddy terrain. La Sportiva has me recently a test pattern that expresses light shoe available set.

Taking the shoe in hand the first time light weight striking a right, just 520 grams a pair in size 42 on the scale brings. The outer material consists of two different types of mesh. In the toe and heel mesh for better protection is completely locked, on the sides, the structure is more open and so airy and breathable. Overall, the material is dirt and water repellent, and dries quickly. The heel is reinforced and consists of TPU. The toes are also protected by an increased Cap.

The FriXion FX ensures a good grip on soft ground sole and the rough, specially arranged passages.

In practice, I had to immediately realize that the small explosion of just 4 mm, especially for beginners like me, is already quite getting. All my other running – and trail – shoes show a difference between rear foot- and forefoot sole of at least 12 mm. So the calves ached something after the first 10 km with the Anaconda , it was but after further runs. But, due to the low attenuation, you have very good contact with the surface.

The heel will not unfortunately as well kept as the manufacturer advertises it. Maybe the test pattern is also only half a number too large. But it is certain that lacks some padding in the heel area. So I had pressure sores or even blisters on the heel often already with the Anaconda. Steve also confirmed this lack of comfort in its test report.

Grip’s not lacking the Anaconda truly. Whether dry or wet, with the rubber compound and the rough profile to not come off so quickly by the way.


A light shoe for soft surfaces in difficult terrain is the Anaconda La Sportiva. On asphalt, you feel uncomfortable with this shoe. The low detonation and damping you must get used to but also once when you previously ran in ‘traditional’ shoes. For this, a very direct feel to the surface conveys the Anaconda but.

The shoe makes a solid impression total if the material due to the weight reduction is quite thin. In the heel area probably something would have to be improved, absence definitely padding and thus comfort.

The La Sportiva Trail running shoes is available for about 140 euros at SHOEFRANTICS.COM.

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