Kayak Fishing In Rosario

Some tarariras in one area more than renowned for the quality of its species. 

The idea was to continue the search for areas that would allow us to continue to enjoy this passion which is the kayak fishing. And with that goal, we got in touch with Daniel Demaría, guidance in the area of the Rosario-Victoria corridor. He informed us that the first tarariras were already leaving and that it had a point that we could exploit to fund with our boats. We check the weather forecast for the weekend and coordinate with people from friends at Kayak.Com to make the initial output of the season for fishing kayak taruchas.

Discover the video of kayak fishing in rosario in BESTFISHINGESSENTIALS.

First You Have To Walk

Once you arrive at the meeting point and with typical anxiety of each output we proceeded to unload equipment and kayaks to begin the walk up to the first point. This time we chose a single kayak and another double, both basic configuration and without accessories, allowing us a scree slope “cross-country” less laborious. Indispensable is that each kayak have their corresponding transport truck, which is going to facilitate that we load the equipment, coolers and bags on them. Thus, turn to displacement, everything is lighter. And don’t forget to bring the food and drinks that they intend to consume during the day of fishing, since the area is completely wild and has no services of any kind.

The morning arose without wind and Sun promptly forced us to take us the minimum coat that we took. Through a path of approximately 500 meters and then transfer a wiring and a gate, our guide suggested we start attempts in a section of a stream of costs low walled on both ends by aquatic vegetation and approximately 30 meters wide.

Some began wading the banks and looking for the lure on the Bank across the street, and the rest developed kayaks to cross and reach the other Bank testing parallel to the coast.Attacks on the reeds that were in kayaks were swift, since they allow us to keep a safe distance away from the coast but at the same time, to be positioned near, lures could address with greater accuracy.