Jewelry Tips for Bride to Wear on the Big Day

Marriage is one of the most important moments in a woman’s life. Therefore, it is necessary that everything is perfect. All the details deserve attention, especially the bride’s visual. After all, this day will be remembered very fondly.

There are several types of jewelry that can be chosen to use on this special occasion. But it is necessary to analyze the whole context to not err on the option. Yes, the mistake in choosing jewelry can make the look a big faux pas. Thinking about it, to help you assemble an excellent look, see the main jewelry tips for the bride to wear on the big day.

Jewelry in the Dress

Accessories must always combine with the clothing. Soon for each dress there are jewels that are excellent choices to make the bride the most beautiful woman of the ceremony.

Traditional dresses

The traditional dresses, with little cleavage and sleeves, make the dress the target of attention, especially if it is made of a very glossy tissue. Therefore, when choosing the parts and accessories, remember that the best jewels are the ones that will focus on the beauty of the face and the hands of the bride. Shiny rings and gemstone earrings are the best option for the occasion.

Neckline Dresses

For dresses with necklines, the recommendation is to opt for wearing gold earrings and diamonds with long formats. If you want, you can use a fine choker. However, it is important to emphasize that: pearl necklace is an option only for dresses in style “hopefully falling”.

The context of the marriage

Marriage always has a context that should be observed before choosing the clothes and accessories that the bride will use. Some factors should be analyzed as the place and time of the wedding celebration.

For a simpler celebration, in the morning or afternoon, in a small ballroom, there is no need for an excess in the glamour in the clothing of the bride and the accessories, as it will gain the highlight by being seen naturally. It is recommended a beautiful dress with small accessories like discreet earrings and a small and fine necklace, the format stays by the bride’s choice. The accessories will be just a touch of charm.

In a nightly ceremony, with more refinement, in a large salon, with many guests, it is highly recommended that the bride be as elegant as possible. She must be seen by everyone, regardless of where she is, because the bride and groom are the reason for the party. In this case, the glamour of the dress, accompanied by beautiful jewels of gold and gems, is the best option.

Hint: Marriage is a special moment for the bride and groom for the whole family, if you have a beautiful family jewelry, don’t hesitate to use it. Other jewelry with special meanings like some amulet, reliquary, rosary or thirds can serve as beautiful jewels. In these cases, try to fit the dress in accordance with the jewelry.

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