Jewelry Store: Magical Flower Box

Here’s How:

  1. the Pearl centered glue with hot glue on the lid of the box, making sure that the bead hole looking up.The plug wire also glue with hot glue in the hole of the bead.

Tear 2. straw silk for the box into smaller pieces. Glue the paper with a brush and napkin-or de coup age adhesive on the box. The plug wire with green straw silk cover. Let it dry.

  1. from the silver pearl wire turn a flower.Do not cut the wire and first five petals form and then wrap the Center.A piece of wire from the start and end stops and will be needed later for the fixing of the flower.
  1. for the petals of the straw silk cut corresponding pieces with around some addition.Brush the edge of the paper with glue stick and the petals to stick.
  1. the finished flower with the remaining wire attach the stem.

A few years ago, I have made my hobby into a career and established my Studio. I work with all possible materials and above all that, what I want to do. Last year I opened a small shop and a further dream come true for me. My workshops are always booked out and I also worked as a writer for a well-known publishing house… Not bored!