Jacket, Handbags and Sunglasses: Items Darlings of the Novels

The ranking of the most requested products in August by the telespectadoras of the Globe. And the ‘red carpet ‘, they went after the prices and their brands. The list is eclectic and appeal to various tastes, styles and ages.

On to costumes, for example, who leads is Camila Queiroz, making Angel in ‘ Secret Truths ‘, with a leather jacket, but it also has Maria Casadevall, Glória Pires and Letícia Spiller that, once again, won as the most requested hair.

In Accessories, handbags, and sunglasses are the parts most caught the attention of the public according to Sunglassestracker.com. The white scholarship Camila Pitanga, used in the new phase of Regina in Babylon, was the favorite. Cost R $580, but is no longer for sale, because it is past Collections. The glasses appear four times in the ranking, being two males. Come see some of these items below and then click HERE, HERE and HERE to see the complete list. We love your visit.

The Cavalera eco-leather jacket, used by Camila Queiroz, in ‘ Secret ‘ Truths, took first place in the taste of telespectadoras in August.

Knitting rib white dress, with Brown and black belt at the waist, the character Margot (Maria Casadevall), in ‘ I Love Paraisópolis ‘, is the Carmine.

The character Soraya (Letícia Spiller), Paraisópolis ‘ I Love ‘, also entered the list as most requested hair and blue crepe jumpsuit with the leisure of the Carmine.

The black dress with waist slightly basque, used by Beatriz (Glória Pires), in Babylonia, is from the collection of Alphorria,

The scholarship Camila Pitanga used in Babylon leads the list of accessories more orders. Is the Zibba and cost R $580, but there is no longer available because it is past Collections.

The glasses used by Caio Castro, the Greek, from ‘ I Love Paraisópolis ‘, also conquered fans of the Globe. Are Via Lorran.