Italian House Haute Couture Designers

The Italian Haute Couture is enjoying these days an exhibition that has been dedicated at the prestigious halls of the Castle in Vigevano: the best of Haute Couture was born from the creative mind of Italian designers over the past few decades has found space in an interesting initiative, which proposes garments symbol that great characters have worn. A Work in progress completely devoted to Italian Haute Couture, symbol of style in the world, which for this summer 2010 rivivra ‘ in free exposure, always open, he wants to tell the story of the Made in Italy through 160 dresses.

The dresses were granted in concession to the castle in Vigevano by Museum of Sabra: a series of glamorous creations, displayed them from most importantstar in decades, with some sort of amarcord fashion, that he’s going to daydreaming, imagining those heads of Italian high fashion in our wardrobe…

We divine garments worn by Audrey Hepburn, whose look has made daydreaming generations of fashion addicted, but also the look of beautiful Liz Taylor or the garments by the Fontana sisters, Haute Couture designer appreciated worldwide, who have made famous first Made in Italy in the world.

The exhibition going to gorge on all fashion addicted who will trace the history of Italy through the clothing of the best fashion designers were presented and through the looks selected by star plus in sight.

Stars who have made important business cards fashion, made successful by heads worn, made by the skilled hands of artisans of fashion. Made in Italy!