IPhone OS 4.0: Video and First Impressions

The presentation of the new operating system iPhone OS 4.0 last Thursday is history, in every way. However, the aftermath of the event still continues with its pernicious effects. The expectation raised with new software has given us the courage to experience it in own meat, say somehow, leaving evidence of our first impressions.

iPhone OS 4.0 represents a aesthetics and revolution control/management of Apple terminal at all levels. To the extent that will need a season to lose old habits and get used to the use of multitasking and fast exchange between applications. However, many of the functions that a priori seem necessary to us are not yet available the absence of applications adapted to the new firmware, on which we have seen some notable improvements and some other bug that surely will be troubleshooting before its official launch.

Tested on an iPhone 3 g 32 GB capacity, the new operating system boasts a remarkable lightness and fluidity of movements both the system and the implementation of third-party applications, better even than with any of its predecessor versions.

The use of the exchange of applications becomes resemble the use of typical key combinations on any computer, although in this case made with only a single finger. In addition to that It is not a remarkable wear of the autonomy of the battery, and may perform all the tests with enabled features:

  • 3G connectivity
  • Sporadic use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections
  • Push notifications enabled applications
  • Gmail account configured with push email from Microsoft Exchange

The resulting conclusion after a few days of intense cacharreo, is that the new operating system allows the operation of abovementioned terminal during little more than 12 hours continuously.

However, the mentioned and vaunted multi-tasking not shown as we understand it some of the mortals. I.e., in the absence of a final version of the operating system, have seen as some of the ordered operations are in a kind of lethargy until a new run of the application in question.

Good example of this is web browsing with Safari, where if we let a web in the process of charging to run another program, is not continuous in the background, but it takes up the load at the point where it was at the point of exit. In a way is a breakthrough, since previous versions simply annul all previous, having to start from scratch action.

The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections are set slightly faster, becoming the symbol of the first in a dynamic signal that more significantly indicates the intensity of it. Like the symbol of the sending and receiving of geolocation data that is displayed next to the battery percentage, which has also been replaced in the maps application.

In addition to compatibility with Bluetooth keyboard for entering data, Apple wanted to make things even easier for users of the virtual keyboard, changing the layout of the accented characters in such a way that they incorporate the text with a simple long press of the key in question.

What has also suffered a noticeable improvement has been the geographical location precision performed by the terminal with the GPS system that incorporates, which is appreciated in times of emergency.

Although many of the improvements are to come from the hand of many of the developers and the tuning of the operating system itself, is the platform Game Center that at the moment only serves to make friends, significant advances in this small preview are not exempt from some minor bugs found so far and that can be summarized in a short list:

  • Spontaneous interruption in the performance of some applications, regardless of the system itself or third parties are treated (as you can see in the video)
  • Errors in the application of camera at the time of exchange between the snapshots to video capture functions
  • Visualization of images blurred and desencuadradas in the photos application
  • One-off distortions in the capture of images using the zoom function
  • Introduction of URLs or E-Mail addresses in capital letters automatically and involuntary
  • Erratic management of albums in the iPod application

Possibly non-existing alone, but that I have seen through the licensed and registered in Apple official beta version, by what we are still waiting for the adaptation of the most common applications of third party developers to the new system to take advantage of all the possible performance of software that promises to.