IPhone OS 4.0 Is Seen in Video

If you have not had enough with a link to the complete presentation of the operating system, that is better known than with another video in which some are reviewed from the main novelties of iPhone OS 4.0.

The guys at Engadget have been playing with the beta for developers on an iPhone 3GS, and they have decided to share it on video so we can see more carefully about works multitasking, the new way to organize icons in folders, or the more than useful Bluetooth connectivity with a keyboard.

As we reported, the system is very stable, but there are not yet operational features such as Find My iPhone or Game Center, and others do not work well as iTunes 9.1. Yes we can take a look at the new camera software, with a bar to perform very sensitive zoom and the possibility of focus touch way.

With regard to the aforementioned multi-tasking, can check your interface design but not to perform a case study, as support any of the available applications. Apparently you can close open applications leaving the icon in the Task Manager, depressed and that Steve said that it was not necessary.

I hope that we will soon have more information and operational details of the rest of news released in the operating system, to share with you. What I’m seeing convinces me, but I think nothing revolutionary nor so a user Android or webOS want to change platform.

I update with a second video that I found on YouTube: