iPhone 5 Is Cheaper to Use Than Galaxy S III

Smartphones should be left often, but there is a difference in how much they require, here is a test of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III.

Smartphones have since their entry in the mobile market had one major weakness, power consumption.

Screen brightness, size, and not least the processor power of the phones have only been stronger or bigger, the same are the batteries in order to be able to get the phones to keep power.

But there is a big difference on how power one’s smartphone requires, according to a new report so there is a major difference between this year’s top models.

In a comparison of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, iPhone 5 comes out with a lower consumption than its competitor.

According to the report, which takes as its starting point an average consumption, then takes an iPhone 5 3.5 kWh per year to have running while a Galaxy S III user 4.9 kWh, write our site.