IPhone 4 on July 30 in Spain and The Apple Conference, The Best of The Week

To many it will not like that we devote so many lines to the iPhone 4, but it is a reality that the most important news of the week revolve around a their problems with the antenna and the Conference that Apple prepared to discuss the issue.

The bars that go up and down depending on how we pick up the phone is a this story almost from the first day, but the fact that a medium as Consumer Reports It arms purchase sparked a feast of media that led Apple to have to do a Conference on the problem. In this course he decided to remove their support forums the information relating to this topic.

As you might expect, the Conference has brought tail, first by passing the ball to other manufacturers, arguing that the antenna problem is common to the rest of telephones. The solutions proposed by free bumpers for buyers, and no problem to return the phone if necessary. Taking advantage of the event, Steve Jobs announced that the phone would come to Spain on July 30.

The first reactions have not wait

Except for Samsung, major manufacturers have expressed their opinion in this regard, I share the links to the three reactions:

  • RIM: it is unacceptable that Apple us goal in his same sack of problems
  • Nokia: antenna performance is given priority over the design of the phone
  • HTC responds with data to Apple, as an unofficial

Android, summer activity

To be summer Android phones have a lot to tell, with respect to the standard of the operating system, the Nexus One, Google has reported that the latest drives come to sell in your online store. We also inform you about updates “ alegal ” which bring the FM radio and video phone 720 p recording.

HTC preparing six phones before the end of the year to meet high sales forecasts, one of them originally known as Ace, seems to take the name of HTC Desire HD, with interesting specifications.

Curious Google App Inventor app that Google has prepared to build applications in a simple way. We finished with the review that hits them Samsung Galaxy S and your GPU to the rest of terminals Android.

Other noteworthy news

In a week that the operators seem to be on vacation, we highlight the sales of the Samsung Wave, Sony Ericsson Super quarterly results, or the appearance of a version of the Nokia C6 with 8 megapixel camera.

We have also seen a new video of BlackBerry OS 6. Operators concerned we present a comparison of mobile Internet rates to navigate from your computer.

The most valued by readers

  • Consumer Reports: «it is a hardware problem, we can not recommend iPhone 4»
  • Apple eliminates thread in their forums for support on the problems of the iPhone 4 and Consumers Reports
  • Samsung Wave exceeds one million units sold in four weeks
  • Nokia: “ antenna performance is given priority over the design of the phone & #8221;
  • Today “ alegal ” on Nexus One: Videos in HD 720 p and FM Radio