IPhone 4, Android 2.1 for The Hero and One Week Move to Movistar, The Best of The Week

The week has had several protagonists, but we start with the new iPhone, we met that you will sell in most European countries, at a high price, but it is welcome to expand the possibilities of acquiring it.

Moreover, we inform you that you would have with 512 MB of RAM, twice as much as a 3GS or iPad, detail that your users will appreciate but that won’t both users of the tablet.

Along with the iPhone, the issue of operators has been very moved, they showed us some fares to renew our iPhone, and also inform you as changed conditions in the basic rate iPhone Mini online and.

Movistar He has had a somewhat unfortunate week note messages and clarifications, you try to tell the story in this story that tells the truth about speed in the iPhone price reduction.

Without leaving Movistar and turning to Android, we find ourselves with the Samsung Galaxy S, for our market more powerful Android phone will come in July exclusively with the Spanish operator.

Movistar Ivy, an affordable Android website

Antonio Raya has prepared for us in two parts referred to an analysis of Movistar for Android bet on what to affordable terminals. You have chosen a model of the Huawei company, and in the first part we know details of its software, to let the hardware for the second.

Sony Ericsson is very much alive

Was missing an Android’s access to the range, and to fill this gap the Sony Ericsson Xperia X appears 8, with a design very similar to what we saw in the Xperia family but with specifications quite below.

Accompanying the Xperia X 8 we are with a new Walkman small, shared interface with terminals Android, named as Sony Ericsson Yendo. Finally we have the Sony Ericsson Cedar, a green and affordable phone.

Android 2.1 for HTC Hero, to the end

What better news who is about to get the update to Android 2.1 for the HTC Hero, some already ask ourselves by Froyo. This news gives value to our article on the distribution of Android versions on the market, with How widespread Eclair.

At the point we are Gooogle OS development, the Team Android has decided that it is time to prioritize usability and user experience. Android 3.0 It will surprise us so much in this aspect that invited manufacturers to not customize serial interface.

Finally, we highlight the touchdown of the Motorola Droid X, a spectacular online of the latest Android phone of high range, that are invading the United States. Engadget we present the renewal of the Droid.

Palm by removing the head

A story of this nature was necessary, and is that it has made public that for the coming year prepared new terminals and new and important review of webOS. Accompanying the news we find that Palm It has decided to lower the price of the 50% applications in its app store.

The best thing for readers

  • HTC Hero and the European update to Android 2.1, do at last?
  • The future of webOS is in laptops
  • Apple will start selling the iPhone 4 free
  • User experience is a priority at Android 3.0, manufacturers don’t want to customize the system
  • IPhone 4 may have 512MB of RAM, bending to the iPad