IPhone 4.0 OS, Some Details and The First Image

The guys from Boy Genius Report shared with the network an image belonging to the version 4.0 of the iPhone operating system, we we trust them for what we are going to share, that insurance will be a good item to go by heating the atmosphere.

Next to the picture appear some details about the system, no surprise in this regard, since they are precisely the points that will carry rumored long. On this occasion they charge interest to be accompanied by the image, so we’re going with them:

  • The operating system will be even more driven to use multi-touch, enhancing the use of gestures. Perhaps this will give strength to the idea that the tablet and iPhone to share operating system.
  • Multitasking arrives at the system, inform us that there will be different ways to run applications in the background.
  • Changes in graphics and user interface, looking to make navigation easier and more efficient. Expected a renewal in the home screen and improvements to notifications.
  • The update is only possible for iPhone 3G and 3GS users, not term believe me it, but maybe it’s time to squeeze new devices.
  • Also inform us about some kind of novelty in the synchronization possibilities, with regard to contacts and calendar, but nothing clear.

Engines on the new operating system or the desired tablet, ultimately already warms He starts Apple machinery, in which all assemble. On 27 January we will have official information so that more interested can be quiet.