IPhone 3G S: against

Today Apple He has presented the renewed, fantastic, wonderful … and almost identical to the previous iPhone 3G S. I already know the system and everybody announces that the iPhone is not a phone, but an operating system beautifully integrated with the hardware, but I do not slip it to me.

Frankly, expected me a global renewal of the iPhone, but knowing Apple, the characteristics are saved and the coming year will surprise us with a new design of the terminal and all the features we wanted today, but a year later.

Among the things that have been left in the dark with the iPhone 3G S, We could highlight the screen OLED higher resolution (it’s time to upgrade to WVGA, gentlemen), support for HSUPA (rather than an archaic UMTS) connectivity or the LED flash, present on terminals such as the Samsung i7500, which will be released this month. At the level of hardware, HTC Magic (released a month ago) far surpasses the new, and not yet available, iPhone 3G S.

Apple It is not silly and has launched a iPhone 3G S the set as possible, nothing beyond innovation of software, which includes esperadisimas features such as cut / paste and MMS, please note the irony.

Luckily, have enabled download of movies and TV shows via the 3 G network in the iPhone 3G S: Thank you for allowing us to spend our money at any time and place. In this way, the iPhone It is nothing more than an application development platform that is sold as a revolutionary terminal.

The iPhone 3G S It is, simply, a mandatory update of the iPhone 3G that implemented a terminal middle of 2007, but adapting it to 2008. To our regret, we are in 2009.