Inspired by the Famous

The Carnival is coming and the street blocks shake several cities across the country. If you like this revelry, but lack inspiration in time of creating the look, you don’t have to worry: to fall into samba with just relaxing and a watchful eye to the ideas that the famous are already parading around.

Dress up without fear

Has a better time than this to let your playful side comes up or until the joke in the service of seduction? And in this regard it is worth everything from superheroes such as wonder woman, chosen by Carolina Dieckman, until the classic repaginadas such as sailor sexy used by actress Fernanda Paes Leme. If you do not enjoy any specific character, fringe, glitter and feathers can be a good idea, as shown in the dress of actress Sheron Menezzes. The main thing is to choose a template style, but fresh, to stand up to high temperatures.

Short, A Good Companion

Shorts and Bermuda can be great requested for those who don’t want to invest in the look fancy. Fresh, they guarantee the comfort of being able to move without concern, in addition to have pockets for storing documents and other necessary items. However, the basic skirt with the Accessories: the hat in animal print and metallic shoes take the production of the presenter J Patel of the commonplace. For those who want a hint of glamour, the paeté model, as of Adriane Galisteu, is a wonderful choice. Valley still use that model torn, with a relaxed way, as the actress Suzana Pires.

Head accessories, such as scarves and flowers, are released, and complement the look, and helps keep the hair away from the face, without the risk of bangs you in time to dance the marchinhas.


Will of abada? Don’t be afraid to invent fashion and sew the way what’s your favorite and not to resort to the application of rhinestones and glitter. Wildcard, combina with shorts, skirts and leggings. Here at Fanciestpants you can get more different models of the leggings fashion. For the feet, bet on closed and shoes that don’t hurt, so that you don’t have to leave early and not painful because of platforms.


If you like dresses, you can get them out of the closet. Abuse of parts with paet, spikes and sequins, and even of the transparencies, which marry the hot days and leave the visual right sexy. For the length to use a short running shorts underneath is the most practical output.