Inside, ‘Inside’ of Our BlackBerry from Vodafone

What happens if? Vodafone, BlackBerry and some of the animators who participated in the film Planet 51 are they put to work in an advertising idea? If you’ve gone by Callao in Madrid already know, there have been able to attend the screening in plaza de a video about 3 minutes of duration. A video that has something special since it is as we reported the first 3D video which is projected on the street and to enjoy it delivered us glasses as if we were watching again Avatar.

Thus in this hoarding of the 21st century we can see in a story that mixes real footage and 3D animation what happens “inside” of our BlackBerries When they help us in our task of daily communication.

Because what is behind the story is to show how to operate the devices of RIM When is required quickly, anywhere and through different channels communication like email, instant messaging, social networks…

A bet more (and indeed ingenious) remove devices BlackBerry This model of ‘serious’ devices and bring closer them to the general public. As support for this initiative Vodafone It has opened a website where we can see more in detail what can make a BlackBerry by us and watch the video again Inside both 2D and 3D if we have the proper glasses. It should be interesting this option, a 3D computer video.

And in this case that it is better that the picture is worth a thousand words, let’s look at the “robotillos” in action, until the live Saturday in the heart of Madrid.

View the video at the original site.