In Search of The Most Greedy Smartphone

The emergence of the latest smartphones star either “ iPhones & #8221; o “ Androids & #8221; It’s made to proliferate the data associated with mobile lines plans. What in the past was associated with corporate Blackberries or laptops and PCMCIA cards and company is entering into the private market with force or at least is what it seems to want the operators.

These rates are not yet “ mature ” in the sense that it is not widespread yet the real flat rates and mobile operators limit the traffic either through decreases in speed or charging outside tarifa flat from a specific consumption.

Therefore it seems interesting to see data consumption of our phone to see where our rate reaches or benefits your mobile phone 3 G.

We made a comparison with the following boundary conditions: a free source iPhone and a HTC Magic of Vodafone released, both with the MVNO SIMS Simyo. In both cases without any use of WiFi. Do it with the same operator is important since not everyone has the same size of rating blocks.

The web has been used for consumed traffic control of Simyo as well as the counter that brings the iPhone and the application NET Counter in the Magic.

Of course attempted to assimilate as much as possible use: synchronization with the same email accounts with the same frequency, Twitter, reading feeds, by the same user and on such days in terms of user needs.


The test for the iPhone taken between 6 and 10 July and according to Simyo the consumed data has been (in MB): 17.8, 28.8, 15.1, 15.5 and 10.5.

We have used the test to compare the values of the web of Simyo and the counter of the iPhone. 9-10 the counter of the iPhone you checked 13.9 (15.1 Simyo) and 10.5 (9.6 Simyo), they are rather approximate values, and we can say that we have reliable sources of consumption control.

HTC Magic

The HTC Magic It has been tested on 18 and 19 July being the consumption recorded in the web of Simyo 47 MB and 55 MB.

NET Counter in the Magic marked for the same days 48 and 52, also close values (at least of the order of).


According to these data we see that in case of Android it seems more suitable to hire an unlimited rate speed and quantity as that offered by Vodafone for your Magic. Other fees such as the Internet on your phone of Movistar that limit speed from 100 MB can lead us to navigate at GPRS speeds from the second or third day of the billing period.