Ideas to Illuminate Your Stairs

The main purpose of a well lit staircase is to do that which goes up and down by her feel safe and have visibility to avoid accidents. However, that is not reason enough to leave it without style. You share some ideas so that you take advantage of this space of your House to create different atmospheres!

A form of light travel subtly and without bother the view of those who use the ladder is placed lamps embedded in the lower part of the wall. If you find the proper lights, which provide sufficient visibility, just that you place an each 3 or 4 steps.

Here are the lighting recommendation from PIERCINGFLASHLIGHTS:


If your staircase building permits, another great choice is to place the fitted directly on the steps; cant take advantage to avoid light to project the face of those who rise and fall. It is important to take into account the implementation of light diffusers and dimmers to control the intensity and make the journey even more comfortable.


One excellent alternative both for indoor and outdoor stairs is to use LED strips on the steps. This tip is especially useful for floating stairs or free space between each step: you will see that it is very easy to create depth effects and Visual textures with this method layers.


For a more classic look, you try to distribute a couple of flying buttresses along all stair. In addition to taking advantage of that light bathes the wall from above to get a softer lighting, you can add a touch of elegance to this space.