Iceberg Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Iceberg is a mummy bag of 4 stations with very high performance. Designed for high mountain expeditions, enduring temperatures of up to – 25 ° C until the body begins to suffer damage. That is because its filling, comprised of 5 layers of fiber Qualofil-7 DuPont wrapped Nylon Taffeta to ensure maximum waterproofness and warm.

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General characteristics of the SAC Iceberg

  • Time of year: for the 4 seasons of the year.
  • Measurements: 230 x 80 x 55 cm.
  • Form: Alpine or Mummy.
  • Outer fabric: nylon Taffeta.
  • Inner fabric: nylon Taffeta.
  • Filling: Qualofil-7 of DuPont (5 layers of 150 gr.).
  • Applications: High mountain
  • Weight:2,5 kg.
  • It has thermal collar to keep the body temperature.
  • It comes with a compression bag. Bag measures: 40 x 25 cm
  • Temperature: comfort: 5 ° C, limit: – 10 ° C, extreme: – 25 ° C

Materials and temperature

Iceberg sleeping bag is made of Nylon Taffeta, with a filling of 5 layers of Nylon (synthetic fibre) Qualofil-7 of DuPont. Besides its thermal materials and reinforced seams, Iceberg sleeping bag has an adjustable hood, an adjustable thermal collar and button trim on shoulders to maintain temperature and human warmth in the interior of the bag. The temperatures that hold this sleeping bag mountain are as follows:

  • Temperature Comfort, 5 ° C: Temperature with which the user feels comfortable in the sleeping bag.
  • Temperature limit, – 10 ° c: Maximum temperature where the user feels comfortable inside the bag.
  • Extreme temperature, -25 ° C: Temperature of limit lower it can support deltro of the sleeping bag before user starts to suffer damage in the body.

Care of the SAC

Before use, shake bag vigorously hollow fibers collected air and increase volume. This way you get increase their chambers of air (loft) and improve its thermal retention.

As a pillow, the easiest way is to use cover the filled bag with clothes.

Generated by perspiration moisture accumulates in the filling of the bag, making it lose part of its thermal capacity. So the bag retain its benefits and fiber does not form lumps, it is advisable to aerate and stretching the bag after use.

Detail photos

Then we leave you with several photos detail of this fantastic sleeping bag ICEBERG.