Hut Sleeping Bag

The hut sleeping bag is often underestimated. Cabin stays, such as for example when hiking, is the equipment, but the hut sleeping bag is forgotten. Why even though the hut offers pillows and blankets?

The answer is quite simple: an hut sleeping bag is much more hygienic than blankets and pillows, which have been used by dozens of other hikers. He is like a small bed or a duvet cover can be taken anywhere and with. He is still extremely handy in handling, extremely light and in a very compact format to curtail what could be walks benefit. When purchasing, you can choose at the hut sleeping bag from a dozen of different variants, which are easily suitable for verfrorene as well as for tall.

The hut sleeping bag compared to a normal sleeping bag has an additional advantage because it can be easier and it dries faster.

In Alpine Club huts, hut sleeping bag is therefore also required. We will show you how to find the perfect cabin or hostel sleeping bag for himself.

With our tips for the perfect cottage sleeping bag

The hut sleeping bag is so to speak the little brother of the sleeping bag. It is similar to a blanket or bed linen used, so first and foremost, is the comfort and provides much feel-good factor. In contrast to a normal sleeping bag, he should bring so very little weight on the scale and have a possible compact pack size. The keep warm function of a normal summer or winter sleeping bag down here mostly the low weight to the victims, but some heat the light hut sleeping bag can offer.

As the name suggests, he just is very popular in huts, as it provides a compact and convenient replacement for the bedding. Often there is information, whether there are even enough beds in the hut, or only cots are set up even before the arrival. Here, the advantage of a hut sleeping bag comes fully to the bear.

When buying a cabin sleeping bag look primarily on size and weight. Because the cabin sleeping bag is part of the baggage, he should be as light as possible without having the quality must suffer.

You should look on the exterior and interior materials of the sleeping bag. There are different materials that are especially tailored to certain types. Certain materials are airy, keep the heat but not so good for this – others are particularly well suited to the winter months.

The hut sleeping bag used as lining for a normal sleeping bag, then the form must match the of the normal sleeping bag, so that he can be drafted.

The right cabin sleeping bag for summer & winter

As for “outdoor” the comfort temperature is stated for offers to lodge sleeping bag rarely sleeping bags according to EU standard EN 13537. If the indication is present, the Komfortemperatur a cabin sleeping bag + 5 degrees to + 10 degrees should be. A hut sleeping bag has no lining in the normal case and is therefore not sufficient as the sole sleeping bag at the outdoor camping. Is normally the shelter, youth hostel or the House of friends of nature, heated pool, so you need to no particular worry about freezing. However, keep in mind the following tips:

A silk or satin sleeping bag is perfect for the summer and hot days. The heat changing effect will make you not too sweat even on hot days, slightly colder days this sleeping bags keep poor something yet.

For the spring & autumn, you should perhaps revert to other materials: fleece & flannel sleeping bags to keep warm slightly more.

For the winter hut sleeping bag are cotton, especially sheep’s wool or polyester. If you fast to cold, a sleeping bag from these materials is the first choice.

Pay attention to weight and bulk

Who wants to wear as little as possible, which is in a hut sleeping bag just right: just something over 100 grams, the lightest sleeping bags are lighter than many modern smartphones. Strike slightly thicker and warmer models with just under 1 kg book. This affects also the packing size. Ultra-compact models can be put on 15 x 8cm, slightly thicker and heavier models are also relatively easy to stow in your luggage with a pack size of 40 cm x 19 cm. In the summer you can access quietly to the thinner and compact models, for winter tours, the slightly thicker models for the hut are a good investment.

The material makes the cabin sleeping bag

There’s a hut sleeping bag in a variety of different materials. Starting with silk or satin, polyester, fleece or flannel and cotton or microfibre. You can find out what material you should choose for themselves, from here:

Silk and satin

Silk or satin as outer and inner fabric is very popular especially for the summer and hot days. Through the “airy” Silk body heat can be placed rapidly in warm nights. For the winter hut sleeping bag made of silk are designed but rather only inlet for normal sleeping bags. Who would like to take advantage of the same benefits, but looking for a less expensive variant, which should use satin. This although not so pleasant feel on the skin, is for this but much less expensive. Silk and satin are typically very light, therefore hut sleeping bag weigh mostly no more than 300 grams of these materials.

Fleece or flannel

Fleece or flannel stores body heat much better than silk. Hut sleeping bag fleece are ideally suited for colder days. This hut sleeping bags are slightly heavier of these materials: a good fleece hut sleeping bag on the scale can bring good 500 grams or more.

By the way: as ticking fleece / flannel are also sleeping bags because they are very non-slip through their structure.

Cotton and polyester

Hut sleeping bag made of cotton or polyester save body heat very well in a sleeping bag and are therefore well suited to colder winter months. Anyone looking for a good balance between silk and fleece, which is well advised with cotton or polyester. A hut sleeping bag made of cotton weighs typically around 300 to 500 grams.

There’s a hut sleeping bag even with many other materials. Sleeping bags made of microfibre or Merino Wool are only a selection, which is about to compare in the weight class with cotton.

Comfort must be when buying cabin sleeping bag:

So the cabin sleeping bag is durable and also keeps the body heat, the sleeping bag should have a good processing. On solid, continuous seams and stable external and internal material without vulnerabilities should especially be taken.

Who likes to sleep with pillows, should look for when purchasing on a pillow pocket, which acts as a cushion cover.

How much is a good hut sleeping bag?

Cheap cottage sleeping bag are approximately 20 euros. Better quality sleeping bags from Merino Wool or silk are available for 50 euros.


Who wants to buy a good hut sleeping bag itself so the previously well should learn which models there are in the trade. We have looked around the market and tested hut sleeping bag in order to assist you in choosing the right sleeping bag.