HTC Sued by Apple for Infringing 20 Patents

It seems that morning has been moved for some, and is that Apple has sued HTC in the course of the same, it has done so by infringing 20 patents related to your iPhone, including details about the user, hardware or architecture of the system interface.

Waiting to learn more about which patent is infringed HTC, we inform you that Apple has not only presented the above-mentioned demand, but has spoken out publicly via Steve Jobs, and the truth is that this sounds like something:

“ We can sit by and watch competitors steal our patented inventions, or we can do something about it. We ’ ve decided to do something about it, ” said Steve Jobs, Apple ’ s CEO. “ We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours. & #8221;

The guys at Apple have been silent until it has crushed them, resulting in fact that its competitors are using his patent so have decided to take action. As we read, the end of demand is that the rest is put to develop their technologies, and not copied them, but at this point I think is that they want to pay them for using them.

In short, it is a reality that Apple invented the wheel with the iPhone, but I don’t know until that point HTC is infringing Apple patents. We hope the reply from HTC regarding this, as happened in the case of Apple and Nokia.

Stay tuned.



Taking advantage of that my colleague Pedro Santamaría has translated some of the patents in Applesfera, way to share them with you:

  • Patent 7,362,331: “Translation based on time and constant non-objects from UI between States”
  • Patent 7,479,949: “Device with touchscreen, method, and graphical user interface for determining commands by applying heuristics”
  • Patent 7,657,849: “Unlocking a device by using gestures on an unlock image”
  • Patent 7,469,381: “scrolling through a list, and translation translation, scaling and rotation of document by a touch screen”
  • Patent 5,920,726: “System and method for managing power on a digital camera device”
  • Patent 7,633,076: “response automated a and portable devices user activity detection”
  • Patent 5,848,105: “Processors of GMSK signal for improved communications capacity and quality”
  • Patent 7,383,453: “Energy conservation by reducing voltage supplied to a portion of processing instructions in a processor”
  • Patent 5,455,599: “Object oriented graphic system”
  • Patent 6,424,354: “Object with register of interests as methods of listening oriented event notification system”

Google, the objective

Quiviger we are running that the complaint sent to the United States International Trade Commission, several of HTC devices are cited specifically: Nexus One, Magic/myTouch 3G, Dream/G1, Hero, and Droid Eris. Coincidentally all have operating system Android.

To continue getting to Google in the case, email has become the guys at TechCrunch from the company the search engine in which inform us that nobody has directly involved them in this issue, but that they are behind Android and companies that helped develop it. Among them it is clear that it is HTC.

“We are not a party to this lawsuit. “However, we stand behind our Android operating system and the partners who have helped us to develop it”, Google

I am sure that the trigger for all this is that Google is enabling multitouch Nexus One possibilities in some territories, or the possibility in the new developments of HTC, not liked to Apple.