HTC: Arrive First and Are Ready to Fight with Apple

Watch that has been taking hype to the topic, but HTC has remained silent since Apple decided to sue it for infringing 20 patents, in today has decided to speak out, arguing that they do not agree the actions that it has taken Apple, and will use all the legal tools in his hand to defend themselves.

Have also decided to refresh the memory of more than one Recalling that they were here before, and have accompanied the response with a list of historical facts of the Taiwanese company, to demonstrate that they are in business since 1997 and are pioneers in the world of the Smartphones.

Some important dates in the history of HTC proposed as examples of an innovative company with more than 50 models on the market:

  • First PDA Windows (1998).
  • First phone Windows Mobile (June 2002), remember that the XDA model had a 3.5 color touchscreen display inch.
  • First Smartphone 3 G CDMA EVDO (October 2005).
  • First Smartphone with interface based on gestures (June 2007) – the same month iPhone appeared.
  • First phone Android (October 2008), is currently the leading manufacturer of the platform.
  • First Smartphone 4G WIMAX (November 2008).

Some analysts already are predicting that Apple has a little advantage in the matter, on the grounds that the Californian company has more than 3000 patents since 2000, by 316 Google and HTC 58 in the same period.

We already know that this case is long, at least until 2012 will not be the first resolutions. In fact still hope to know something about the parallel situation that keep Apple and Nokia, and it seems that the competition via litigation is already normal in the world of telecommunications.