HTC Abandons Bid for Palm

The not inconsiderable figure of 1.199 billion dollars (about 900 million euros) It is the asking price, according to some rumors, the current Executive Board of Palm as payment for those companies that wish to do with the Sunnyvale company. However, the retail value of the U.S. company could face some cuts in view of the withdrawal of several of her suitors. First it was ZTE followed by Huawei to finally, as it has jumped to public light this morning, HTC withdraw its offer after take a look at the books of account of Palm.

With the Taiwanese company already are three companies that withdraw from the struggle to take the legendary brand of handheld devices, with Lenovo as a main candidate only to do with the title of propietadad exclusive.

In this way, the Chinese company can take the opportunity to take advantage of your rapid market growth and expand in the United States where even has a minimal presence in comparison with other markets.

Acquistions policy carried out by Lenovo in recent years has led him to position as the fourth largest manufacturer of computers around the world, reaching the 2,400 million dollars of cash reserves at the end of last year. Which leads her to become the most likely choice as a future owner of Palm.

On the other hand, the withdrawal of HTC hasn’t done anything else rather than revive the idea that the Taiwanese manufacturer has opted finally by way of developing its own operating system.

While Jon Rubinstein insists its policy of sale of licenses of the operating system webOS to other manufacturers as a measure of urgency to achieve certain levels of profitability in a viability plan designed by himself and so far has not obtained favorable results visible. Just in case, the own Rubisntein says “ not excluded to take into account any reasonable offer to purchase arising & #8221;.