How to Wear Ripped Jeans


You know, fashions come back and come back over the years, and we women are very happy when we can resurrect from our closet a piece of clothing that did not use for several years, because it considered so far “out of fashion”. This year more than ever, one of the items of clothing back of fashion are the beloved jeans torn, which have carved out a huge space in the fashion world, thanks mainly to the punk music of the nineties. Today with this section we will learn together how to wear them, creating innovative and original outfits, and why not enviable. Before you begin, it would be useful to distinguish three types of ripped jeans, which must be chosen according to their own style and their own silhouette. We know the ultra skinny, the perfect choice for lovers of denim fashion, the baggy, whose particularity is to be large because inspired by the world of work, and finally, the boyfriend style.

The combination that will allow you not only to be original, but also to enhance your silhouette, you will definitely the combination of ripped jeans with a blazer jacket and a top tone on tone. To complete your outfit should not miss sandals from light line combined with a clutch, of course the same color. As an alternative to the blazer jacket, you could wear a twin matching set, which will confer a refined and classy look, especially when paired with a high-heeled shoe and a long necklace.

For those who want to focus mainly on the comfort, the classic combination is characterized by torn jeans with a soft top and long and a pair of sneakers. In this case they do not need specific advice, especially for those who use everyday jeans, because this is an evergreen outfits. A good alternative to the top, especially if we are in seasons such as spring or fall, will be a maxi pullover, comfortable and lightweight, to be combined with a high or low shoes, and accessories, such as earrings or necklaces.

Finally, if we are in full autumn, and we do not want to give up our beloved ripped jeans, I recommend pairing with a timeless red tartan shirt and a pair of black lace-up shoes (or silver if you dare). To complete this advice outfits to wear a gray coat middle weight and a leather bag with shoulder strap.