How To Wear Leggings: The Most Versatile Piece Of Feminine Wardrobe

It has been a long time since legging ceased to be an item used only in the gym and became part of women’s clothing. Today, legging can be used on many occasions, from work to sunny walks, just know how to choose the right legging and what to combine.

A personal stylist, Sara Passaglia, warns about the use of legging. “Yes she is quite versatile, but you have to be careful, because it is not a real pair of pants, it is between the pants and the pantyhose, so to use it in the current fashion has to follow some rules, like choosing the right size , The right model, the color, and how to match it with other clothes and shoes. ”

6 Looks To Wear With Legging

For Sara, the tip to always hit when using the legging is to leave the hip covered, since the pants, being fair, tend to mark the region. “Then you have to avoid the tops, body sweaters or the dresses and very short blouses,” he warned.

The leggings make great combinations with maxi blouses or shirts and short asymmetrical dresses. “If the woman is not thin, it is best not to wear it with very tight dresses because they can accentuate the extra fat in the body,” orients personal stylist.

With the help of Sara, six looks were put together so you do not go wrong in dressing your legging:

1. Legging In Winter

It is the most obvious way to use legging, after all, depending on the fabric, the pants are usually hot and makes the perfect combination: legging plus boot . Dark colors help form the perfect winter weather. Complement the look with knit sweaters, trench coat, warm coats and scarves. To avoid making the look too heavy, use lighter colors on the top and capricle on the printed scarf.

2. Legging In The Summer

It seems a little uncomfortable the idea of ​​wearing leggings in the summer, however, just choose the right pants and the appropriate accessories that have no error. “It can be used in any season, in the hottest times of the year it is better to choose a fresher fabric,” explains Sara. Light colors or printed trousers also help the pants to stay lighter and fall like a glove in the summer. Use with regata and sneakers for the summer look look.

3. Legging At Work

“Yes, legging can be used at work,” is what a personal stylist claims. For her, the best way to combine is to wear a dress or maxi blouse that covers the hips. A stiffer shirt with a tapered blazer is also a good option, as in the assembly above. Discreet sneakers and slippers are perfect accessories for this look, if you want to caprichar more a peep toe.

4. Sports Legging

Coming from the academies, legging is great for use in sports. Choose fine fabrics that help the skin breathe and facilitate movement. Colorful pieces enliven the look to work out. Use with other characteristic pieces such as top and sneakers, always remembering to pay attention to the most suitable sneakers for your sports practice.

5. Legging With Print

The print legging deserves special attention because if used in the wrong way can be a disaster.For Sara, the printed pants look better for the day. “At night it is better to use the darker colors,” he adds. The printed leggings are ideal for thinner women. “It should be worn with a single color shirt or blouse that matches the legging pattern,” says Sara. Avoid wearing with embossed sweaters too. Use the garment on warmer days, as in the above suggestion, with a basic sweater, a sweater, and a vest.

6. Legging Plus Size

Legging can be worn by older women, just follow some tips, such as always wearing it with longer, longer sweaters that cover the hip. Avoid horizontal prints and never choose pants less than your number, this can leave it transparent in the fairest places. Marking the waistband, whether in a dress-style blouse like the one above or by a belt, helps define the silhouette. Heeled shoes and no heel ties also lengthen the silhouette, giving the impression of being leaner.

Black Legging: You Have To Have One!

If you have a pair of pants that are versatile and go well with everything, this is the black legging. It is essential in winter and looks great inside boots. “The color black is a color that always has a fascination, besides being very elegant,” says Sara.

The black legging is great for working out, going out at night, traveling and wearing on so many occasions. Not to fall into the common place and put on a more fun look, the tip that the personal stylist gives is to wear blouses or asymmetrical dresses “and combine it with accessories such as belt, purse and colorful shoes that will add a touch of originality to the look” , Orients.

Smart Tips For You To Look Beautiful From Legging

Sara Passaglia has passed several tips that you should be aware of when using legging.Remember, leggings are super comfortable pants and it replaces jeans in many of the looks, but when used the wrong way can even “overturn” the look.

For the personal stylist, the best fabrics are cotton and microfiber. “But it has to be of good quality, because if it is too thin it can mark the cellulite,” he recommends.

“The problem of transparency arises when a woman uses a smaller size, so in the place where the person is most filled, the fabric is stretched too much and becomes transparent,” says Sara. So always choose leggings of your size, even if a smaller size suits you.

As for shoes, the tip is to avoid sneakers, especially sneakers, because it may seem like you’re going to work out. “But it all depends on the look that we want to do, if you want a more casual look can be worn with sneakers, sandals, boots, or biker boots. If you want a more elegant look, it can be worn with high heels, “the staff details.

Never use legging with other very fair pieces, always prefer a looser upper part that covers the hip.

Legging is one of the pieces that should be part of a pregnant woman’s wardrobe, it fits the belly well and is also easily reusable after pregnancy

It is also a great piece for long trips and walks, as it is super comfortable and will not cause you any major inconvenience.

Check out the video for you in DeadlyLeggings to learn all the tricks of how to wear leggings.

See Where To Find The Perfect Legging For You

Given the versatility of the piece, it is difficult not to want to have one in your closet. To help you in the search, below a gallery with several different leggings options you can get now!