How to wear lace

Whether in key or an entire room, the lace is an iconic material of the female wardrobe . Yet it remains quite difficult to wear and associate for most of us afraid to do too much? Or look like a bride? Or too young to  past 30 years?

I give you all my techniques to properly wear and associate lace for any occasion and style. Follow the guide!

1) How to wear lace: user manual

Lace is so feminine that it is sometimes difficult to know what to wear. Not to do too much and stay in an elegant style, is simple.

Try to distract the lace of her ultra-feminine side and turn the by wearing it with pieces from locker rooms as contrary:

  • Menswear:a blazer, shirt, pants or shorts style tuxedo…
  • Casual wardrobe:the denim pieces, a t-shirt in cotton…
  • The rock wardrobe:black boots, the jacket …

Keep it simple in the choice of material. No complicated textures: cotton, silk and fluid fabrics, denim or chambray and raw materials and matte. No sequins or details in addition to let speak lace, which you will understand, is a strong part of your wardrobe. It is therefore ideal worn with your basics!

Here are some ideas:

· To stroll in town:

A white lace dress with oversized design but smocked and thus marked waist worn with black boots in the summer. Yes, you can wear low boots in summer, it is even very stylish!

· To get a drink:

Shorts lace blouse worn with a denim or khaki. just tuck up in your bottom and a pair of sneakers.

· For dinner:

A top color lace worn with a strict skort, a thin metal necklace and a pair of sandals.

· To go to work :

A lace skirt twelve o’clock slinky, fluid blouse worn with a cream, a thin metal necklace and a pair of shoes.

I often say that to fully associate his clothes, must confront these styles : it gives a unique side and it’s not that difficult to implement. As soon as you leave a room, arrange it in a style then confront it in another fashion style, it works every time.Textures blends are the key to a successful look.

Remember also to wear your lace top underneath a transparent fluid and air blouse.The mixture of the two materials will surprise you, and it’s a trick to be able to wear your lab coat.

In order to bring transparency, read my article that wear with a transparent top . The ideal is to opt for a body in nude colored lace for example to play on the subtle side. To finish this look, just wear your favorite jeans and cute sandals.

2) Good piece lace to have and how to combine

·A lace top

Wear broad and not narrow to avoid the sometimes vulgar side. Choose a soft color like cream, nude, beige … You can also fall for the navy or black (yes, yes, black!).High black lace top is a nice to have to make any sexy jeans.

·A lace skirt

Lace skirt must not be too short. Also avoid the skater who will form too “girl.” Go for a nice straight skirt or sheath length noon in a beautiful material and wear it with a simple blouse.

·The lace dress

We choose the white and romantic when you are young, with ruffles, wide sleeves and a virginal side. Wear with black boots for key rock or with bare feet.

When one gets older, more formal dress is chosen in shades of navy blue, cream and terracotta example. Wear with nude ballerinas.

3) Accessories Tips:

Lace dress, so do not make too level accessories. A brute camel bag or a small black bag with a silver chain will contrast while not making too.

· For jewelry, we calm the game

Level jewelry, try not to ask the room where there is lace. Wear a bib on your outfit white shirt + skirt or shorts in lace.

Wear your beautiful curls dress lace top + jeans or skirt strict.
Carry an assortment of bangles with your dress or skirt lace.

·For shoes, play the basic

Nude, white, cream, black or camel. No garish colors like red or details leopard or foal material. In general, do not just add too complicated textures. Calm the game with raw textile or leather shoes.

Remember the beauty detail: a pretty blush that will make you a fresh complexion , a touch of illuminator and why not soft coral lips to soften lace.